Name: Emily
Age: 28
Length of time as a Spectrum member: 2 years 
Previous acting/ professional experience:  
School plays
Headway - performances 'Ice-queen From Another World' (2010) and many more
Spectrum - 'Lost and Found' (2016)
Twisting Ducks - 'Person First' started 2016 and is still ongoing 
                            - 'Clipped Wings' (2017) 
                            - 'Loud and Visible' TV show (2017), 'Whose choice is it anyway' (2017) 
                            - 'Welcome to my World' (2017), KarbonHomes - 'My Home' (2017) 
Currently working on:'Xenos Falls' (2018), Radio show 'Time and Space' (2018) 
Goals:'I would like to get married and have children' 
What I like about Spectrum: 'I like how everyone is so close and like a family, we are all so welcome to new members' 
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