Name: Alex
Age: 27
Length of time as a Spectrum member: 2 years
Previous acting/professional experience:  
School plays/ nativities, 
'Miserock' play (2009), 
CD launch - Reworking The Lighthouse family hit (2011), 
Buttons in Spectrum's 'Cinderella' (2016), 
'Lost and Found' (2016) 
Digital TV programme 'Welcome to my World' (2017)
Currently working on: 
'Xenos Falls' (2018)
Radio show 'Starstrider' (2018)
Goals: 'I would like to write my own material for a Theatre performance - 'The Alex Marshall Show'
What I like about Spectrum:  'I like how everyone is alike and how Spectrum is a place where I can do what I love to do' 
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